Calder Foundation event, “Oh, You Mean Cellophane and All That Crap”, location TBA, May 5th 2012




Graphic by Davis Cathcart

June 29 – New York, NY – Don King event, Tompkins Sq. Park

July 7 – Asheville, NC – West House

July 11 – Athens, GA – Orange Twin

July 14 – New Orleans, LA – Neutral Ground Coffee

July 17 – Albuquerque, NM – Winning Coffee

July 19 – Albuquerque, NM – Gold House

July 21 – Albuquerque, NM – Young Lungs House

July 23 – Phoenix, AZ – The Lost Leaf

August 3 – Los Angeles, CA – Lot 1

August 11 – Petaluma, CA – Phoenix Theater

August 12 – Berkeley, CA – Panoramic View/Ines Chappela

August 14 – San Francisco, CA – Logan Hollarsmith

August 17 – Oakland, CA – The Speak Easy

Maybe I should have called it ‘My Life in Nineteen Minutes’

Saturday, 5 March 2011, 2pm – 2am
74 Pine St. (entrance on Pearl St.), New York City
Ava Luna, Dara Birnbaum, Steven Cairns, Alexander Calder, Ellen Canton, Mike Cooter, Friends, Michael Fullerton, Nick Hallett & Brock Monroe, Phillipa Horan, Yves Klein, Torsten Lauschmann, Jamie Davidovich & Gordon Matta-Clark, Herbert Matter, Matt McCormick, Rivane Neuenschwander, Tony Oursler, PC Worship, Pablo Pijnappel, Sally Potter, Laure Prouvost, Ash Reid, Hans Richter, Giles Round, Holton Rower, Gryphon Rue, So So Glos, Snowden Snowden, Corin Sworn, Mika Tajima / New Humans, Alexis Marguerite Teplin, Cara Tolmie, White Suns, William Wegman and others.